• Q-Flex is the Industry Standard for Accelerometers

    11 February 2018



    ETLG Inertial Aerosystems: Available through ETLG Inertial Aerosystems, Honeywell offers 9 different accelerometer models designed to meet the performance requirements for applications in:

    • Navigation: offering the highest inertial navigation-grade performance sensors used in INS and space systems.
    • Control: offering cost-effective inertial-grade sensors, used in simulation and stabilisation/control  applications.
    • Measurement: offering an economical sensor for moderate performance in commercial applications requiring high levels of stability.
    • Energy: performs in demanding down-hole applications where high temperatures, vibration and shock are experienced

    All Honeywell's Q-FLEX® accelerometers use a patented Q-Flex etched-quartz-flexure seismic system. An amorphous quartz proof-mass structure provides excellent bias, scale factor and axis alignment stability. Many thousands of these units have worked reliably in a host of demanding applications.

    Used extensively in avionics, surface and marine navigation and industrial applications, QFLEX products include the QA3000, QA2000, QA750, QA700 and QA650, QA550 products.

    The energy models provide precision accuracy, stability and reliability in the most demanding environments. The QAT160, QAT185 and MiniQ200 are the core MWD sensors in the portfolio.

    Honeywell's ACCELEREX® resonating beam accelerometer (RBA) measures acceleration as a function of the frequency difference between two sets of vibrating quartz beams. The RBA500 is primarily used to supplement GPS navigation systems and is a good choice where frequency output, high-g, small size, low power and light weight are necessary.