Digiquartz Depth Sensors (Deep range)

8CBXXX-I; Intelligent depth sensors

Pressure Ranges available:

8CB1400-I; 0-1400m

8CB2000-I; 0-2000m

8CB4000-I; 0-4000m

8CB7000-I; 0-7000m

Outline specification

·         0.01% Full Scale Accuracy

·         Stainless Steel Housing

·         Power requirement 6-16Vdc

·         Intelligent Electronics with RS-232 & RS-485 Bi-Directional serial Interface:

·         Connector type – Burton #5507-1508-00X

·         User Selectable Parameters - Resolution, Pressure Rate of Change, Engineering Units.

·         Digiquartz tm operational logging software for use with a PC. (Supplied on CD)

·         Supplied with 1 meter tail with mating connector and free-end.

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